1. About the Project :

Transport Development Project (TDP) of the Ministry of Megapoilsand Western Development was established for the implementation of projects which were identified by the Master plan, developed by the Western Region Megapolis Planning Project (WRMPP). Identified projects will be implemented by incorporating all modes of transport as well as ensuring sustainability and ease of integration to existing operating conditions and infrastructure commencing from 2017 up to 2035 with in the Western Region.

Sri Lanka, which currently stands in middle-income range, is focusing on long-term strategic and structural development challenges as it strives to transition to an upper middleincome country. Colombo and other cities especially in the Western Region have witnessed a rapid change in the urban transport in the past decade. The continual degradation of traffic congestion of urban roads and the deterioration of quality of public transport service has escalated to such an extent that it has major negative impact on the economic performance of the region, the environmental quality and liveability. Thus, The Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development is expected to initiate integrated development in the Western Region, to make Western Region (WR) the economic hub of the country, facilitating geographic concentration and economic integration, while ensuring more uniform basic living standards across the country.

The Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) believes that the current policy direction is insufficient to manage and regulate the mobility needs in Western Region, and therefore a vision that will progressively take the urban transport development into a new direction is required. The existing public transport system, which serves as an important mode of travel currently has serious issues with respect to service quality, capacity and the operating mechanism and is unable to meet the mobility needs of the population. The Government has therefore decided to adopt urban mobility solutions as the most appropriate way forward. This approach will focus on facilitating the mobility needs for people, not vehicles, by encouraging and maximizing the use of sustainable transport modes, such as public transport and non-motorized transport (NMT).

Thus, Megapolis is a center for comprehensive monitoring of all the sectors that will manage the Transport and Land use development together in a totally integrated manner.Transport Development Project (TDP) of the Ministry of Megapoils is now being implemented the most of the identified projects related to the Transport sector improvements, to provide more effective and efficient socio economic environment for the Sri Lankans.


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i. Name : Eng. P.P.Wijesekara
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iii. Phone : 0112870566
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